Posted January 24, 2019 05:14:13 New York, NY (CNN) When you’re a baby, it’s always a blast to play with toys.

And, yes, you might even find a lot of new ones.

But when it comes to the safety of your crib, there’s no denying that there are safety issues with it.

There’s just one thing: the safety railing on the back.

A lot of cribs have these safety railing posts, but only the ones made for infants and toddlers have the full-length railing.

This baby crib, however, has it.

This one comes in at $100.

And if you’ve been keeping up with the baby’s needs and interests, you’ll know why.

For starters, it has a railing that’s a bit taller than the crib, which can be a problem for babies when they’re sleeping or when they’ve been climbing up to the crib and trying to get to their favorite toys.

Another problem is that the railing doesn’t have enough height for the height of the crib.

So, you can end up having to use the same railing for all of your babies.

So you have to keep them as tall as possible.

And of course, this crib is so large, it can be tough to maneuver around the crib when it’s in use.

To solve these issues, the baby crib company Babeland has designed this one.

This crib is made with a double-layer of foam and a steel frame, which allows it to stand up straight and without the need for a railing.

The foam is also thicker than the regular foam used for cribs, so it won’t break easily.

This is a great crib for families that want a simple and stylish crib for their little one.

The frame also comes with a locking system that locks the crib into place.

This makes it easy to transport and to move around the house.

If you’re looking for a crib that can handle the stresses of the world, this baby crib will do just fine.

This product is made to last, and it’s also designed to be lightweight.

The crib is available in six sizes, including one for toddlers.