The Carnival cruise to Australia will not go ahead, after a safety video showed passengers getting separated from their car as it was travelling at around 40 kilometres an hour.

The cruise was to take place on Sunday and the video shows people getting separated after the car hit a barrier and overturned.

Carnival says it will work with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to resolve the issue.

Safety video: The safety video shows a car travelling at a high rate of speed at the time of the crash.

Carnival said it has contacted the Australian National Audit Office about the incident.

Carnival Australia said on its website that it had “reached out to the relevant authorities in Australia to ensure that our safety program is compliant with the applicable safety regulations”.

Carnival said the car was travelling towards Sydney when it struck a barrier at about 40 kilometres per hour, which caused it to roll over.

It said in a statement that “we are working with the relevant regulators and authorities to determine what can be done to prevent similar accidents in the future”.

Carnival Australia CEO Tom Wills said the company had “received assurances from the relevant regulatory authorities” that the car would be able to travel safely.

He said that “as a result, we are working closely with the authorities to ensure the safety of all our guests”.

“As always, we want to ensure everyone is safe and we are providing a range of safety measures, including through our extensive training program.”

Carnival Australia, which operates the Carnival Cruises, Carnival Australia Asia, Carnival Cruise Europe and Carnival Cruising Australia, has a passenger-centric safety programme that requires that guests stay in their car for the duration of the cruise.

It also requires that people wear seat belts, keep their eyes on the road and use the seat belt sign on the door when they leave the car.

Mr Wills did not say whether anyone had been injured on the cruise, but said there were a number of issues with the car that contributed to the incident, including a broken steering wheel.

He would not provide any further details about the car’s condition.

Carnival Cruisers said the cruise was “on schedule” and was scheduled to take off from Sydney at 9:45am.

Carnival is not the only company to have a safety issue with a Carnival cruise.

A car that was involved in a crash in July 2014 also crashed.

A video showed the driver of the car hitting the rear of the vehicle, causing it to crash into a tree.

A safety message was posted on the vehicle’s side window, warning passengers to “remain calm and do not engage in motor racing”.

Carnival Cruise Enquiries Carnival Australia has not said what caused the accident.