A new kind of safety glass is coming to Dubai.

Dubai has long relied on its iconic “Blue Sky” bridges to shield pedestrians from traffic.

But that safety glass can also be used as a shield for children, says a new report from the UAE’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology.

Dubay al-Thawra, the country’s only “blue sky” bridge, has seen a significant increase in pedestrian deaths over the past few years, according to the Dubai-based International Federation of Child Safety and Health (IFCSH).

The organization, which works to reduce child deaths in the UAE, said the number of children killed in the bridge is now higher than in any other bridge in the country.

In addition to the increased deaths, the IFSH said that there are now more than 30 deaths a day in the Dubai area, with more than 500 cases reported by the time of writing.

Duba’s Blue Sky Bridge was built in the early 1990s and opened in 2000.

The bridge has become a popular tourist attraction and was named the world’s third-most beautiful by Guinness World Records in 2012.

Dubal Al-Thawsa, the city’s mayor, said last year that he hopes to introduce a new glass design that will be a safer alternative to blue sky bridges.

The new glass, called Blue Sky Safety Glass, is designed to help prevent children from crossing the bridge in unsafe situations, he said.

Dubi’s Blue Sharjah bridge is one of only two in the world with Blue Shariah design, meaning it is only equipped with the metal mesh that is supposed to stop children from jumping and falling off the bridge.

The other bridge is in the United Arab Emirates, and both are used to help pedestrians avoid traffic.