The IDF will take several measures to deal with cruise-boat terror attacks, including the creation of special forces to patrol and raid cruise ships and cruise lines to reduce the numbers of attackers. 

Cruise-ship attacks are expected to continue to rise and the army will continue to respond with more force, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot told Army Radio Tuesday. 

The attack on the Jewish family from Bulgaria’s Jewish community has raised tensions in Israel’s waters, as has a wave of anti-Semitism targeting Israelis from the far right. 

Israelis have also been targeted with death threats and anti-Semitic graffiti, and police are investigating the incident as a possible terror attack.

The wave of terror attacks on ships in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean has raised fears that cruise-line passengers and crew could be targeted by terrorist groups, as well as foreign governments that use cruise ships as diplomatic and military facilities. 

Eisenkot said that the IDF would continue to monitor the situation closely. 

“We have to deal in the current situation with the possibility of attacks on passengers and crews,” he said. 

Earlier, Israel’s foreign ministry said that it would be launching a formal complaint against the Bulgaria Jewish community for the attack. 

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Army radio that the government would launch a criminal investigation against the Bulgarian Jewish community. 

He added that the country’s security agencies would be working on a possible response to the incident.