If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you may have heard of the cat rescue movement.

You know, the one where people volunteer to help people trapped in balconies with cats or stray dogs.

While it’s true that many rescue groups provide an array of cat-friendly activities for people to do, there are still a few basic things you should keep in mind when you’re trying to make a cat safe for your family.1.

Make sure your balcony has a fire alarm system.

Some people say they are happy to hear that they can use their balcony for cat safety classes.

Others say they have been warned that fire alarms may be activated in a particular area or on certain days, so they should make sure their balcony has an alarm system that is designed for the situation.2.

Make a list of all the places where your cat may be able to get a hold of food.

Some balcony owners may not want their cat to have access to food, but if there are no places where food is available, your cat should not be allowed to go.

You can’t have a cat that is not careful in the balcony and will accidentally get into the food.3.

Be sure that your balcony is well-lit.

Many people claim that balcony safety classes are great fun, but there is nothing more fun than watching your cat eat and munch on your food.

Make your balcony a place where your family will have to take a break.4.

Make the balcony as easy as possible for your cat to get out of.

Many balconies have a metal railing to keep your cat off the food, or they may have small windows so your cat will not have access.

If you can, make the balcony easy for your pet to get to and away from the food so they can get to safety.5.

Be aware of your cat’s food preferences.

If your cat is a regular cat, you can probably assume that she will eat your food all day long, and if she’s a smaller cat, she may not eat so much.

If she is a kitten or an adult female cat, her food preferences may not be the same.

You may need to consider what foods your cat prefers to eat.6.

Keep your balcony clean.

Keep an eye out for signs of decomposition, including dead and rotting food.

If the food is in a pile on the floor, the food may be very difficult to remove.7.

Keep a list with your balcony’s name, address, phone number, and a list or map of the nearest available fire exits.8.

Make an emergency plan for your balcony.

There are a number of different types of emergencies that can occur on balconies, and these are listed in the section below on how to plan for these emergencies.

Make a list and a map of all of the locations where your pet can potentially get food.

Also, make a list for each area where food will be available.

If a fire breaks out and there is a large amount of food, make sure to evacuate your home.

Make sure you have a fire escape in your home for your cats.

This will help prevent your cat from getting stuck in a fire or getting trapped in the food pile.9.

Get a cat food bucket and a fire extinguisher in your garage.

If there is food available, you will want to have a bucket of food on hand to extinguish the flames and help prevent food from being lost to the flames.10.

If food is not available in your backyard, get the cat food bag.

This bag will make your cat more comfortable and allow her to safely eat her food.11.

Check out the location of the balcony nearest you, so you can plan a fire evacuation.

Make it a point to make sure you check the balconies before you move in.

Make plans to check the balcony for the fire in advance so that you can get into a fire before the fire breaks.12.

Check the balcony daily to make certain that the food cannot be lost to any other fires.

Make certain that there are people around to make announcements, call out for help, or warn the residents.

Make plans to make plans to have the cat and the food on the balcony.

It is not just about the food; it is also about your cat.

The cat has a tremendous impact on your life and will be able help you and your family in many different ways.

If this cat has ever been to a fire, they will be familiar with the smell of smoke and the heat.

This cat will help make you and the family feel safe and secure.