In Dubai, balcony safety doors are usually installed in the form of a metal railing or glass panes.

But this month, a new balcony door system will come to the city, a system that will help prevent people from getting to the top of a balcony and crashing into the street below.

The new balcony security system is designed to keep people from climbing into the balcony to fall or to jump.

It will also prevent people who have climbed into the railing from getting out.

Dubai authorities said they are confident the new balcony safety system will not be used to cause harm.

The Dubai Civil Defence Department, which is responsible for the new system, said that the new design is designed with the public in mind, and the public is welcome to try out the new door system.

But many people, including women, were not able to take part in the trial, with one witness saying the system is too loud.

Another witness, who asked not to be named, said she and other female residents are unhappy with the new designs.

“The new design looks like a huge piece of metal, and I have never seen it in my life before.

I don’t understand why they made it,” she said.”

They need to make it so the balcony is so small that you can’t reach out and reach the balcony.”