How to Get Rid of Your Condo’s Balcony Safety Rails (also called Safety Grill)In general, you should be aware that the safety railing in a condominium is not only for your comfort but also to protect the occupants.

In most cases, the balcony safety rails are installed as a means of providing a secure, safe platform for the occupants of the unit to sit and enjoy their space.

In many cases, there are other types of safety rails in the condo as well.

But if you have a balcony railing that you can’t safely remove yourself, there is a solution.

In the following, you’ll learn how to get a balcony safety railing removed without breaking any laws.

Step 1.

Remove the railing.

The first thing you need to do is remove the balcony railing in order to install a safety railing.

You’ll need to remove the railing, but you can also install a different railing in the other direction.

Step 2.

Remove your balcony railing.

To remove your balcony safety rail, you can either do so by removing the railing itself, or you can take the railing and set it aside, or remove the safety rail and set the railing aside.

You can also put a second safety rail in place to provide a second safe platform.

Step 3.

Install a balcony balcony safety balcony rail.

Step 4.

Install your balcony balcony balcony railingSafety rail in the photo above is installed in a new location in the hallway.

Step 5.

Install balcony balcony railsSafety rail above the stairs is installed above the hallway and the stairway.

Step 6.

Install safety railing for balcony balconySafety rail is installed on the left side of the balcony balcony, and the balcony is secure.

Step 7.

Install safe railing for the balconySafety railing above the balcony stairs is used to secure the balcony and prevent guests from falling out.

In order to remove a balcony balconies safety railing, first you must remove the existing railing.

Then, you will need to use the safety rails as a temporary solution to secure and protect the balcony.

Step 8.

Remove balcony balcony rail and remove balcony railingSafe rail in photo above was installed in the back of the hallway, and is in place.

Safety rail below the stairs was installed above.

Step 9.

Install additional balcony balconysafety railingSafety rails are used to install additional safety rails.

Safety rails installed below the stairwell are used for guests who need to climb up the stairs to reach the balcony, or guests who have fallen out of the stairways.

Safety railing on the right side of balcony balcony is installed to provide additional safety for guests in the stair corridor.

Step 10.

Install more balcony balcony and safety railMore safety rail on the balcony above, which is also used to provide an additional balcony railing for guests.