The first thing you need to know about the grill is that it has to be clean.

Not only do you want to avoid dust, but you want it to be comfortable for you and your family to eat.

You also want to ensure that the grill will not burn, so the fire will not spread.

Here are some tips to make your grill as comfortable as possible while keeping your family safe.

Keep it out of the way When you have a balcony railing, be sure to leave it at least a foot from the railing, so that it doesn’t block the view.

If the railing is not a railing, don’t worry, it can still be a safety hazard.

Just keep the grill and grill grates in an area where you can’t see it.

If it’s not a balcony, make sure it’s at least 10 feet away from the ground and away from other objects, like a patio furniture, your balcony railing or a nearby neighbor’s balcony.

Make sure it doesn,t come into contact with anything you don’t want it on top of.

If you’re having trouble finding the right size, try a smaller grill or a bigger one, but make sure you’re not putting your grill on a balcony that’s not even open.

If your grill is in a spot that’s more likely to catch fire, be especially careful when you’re in the balcony and when you open the door.

If a balcony is not visible from the street, you may need to use a safety ladder to get into the balcony.

If that happens, use a small ladder that’s at a 45 degree angle to the railing and that’s made of metal or glass, or an aluminum ladder that can be easily removed.

Don’t throw your grill into the street If you can, leave it on a curb, driveway or grassy area to keep it from being a safety risk.

But you also want the grill grill to be out of reach of other things.

You want it out as far away from your children, pets and children, and you want your children to be able to see the grill.

Make your grill a safe space for kids and pets If you have children, make it a safe place to play and to take them to and from school.

Keep your grill away from children and pets, and make sure that it’s easy for them to reach.

It’s also best if you don�t have children in your balcony when you make a pit stop.

If not, consider putting them in a small child-safe area or a dog-safe zone.

Be sure that there are no pets in the pit area, because pets can spread the fire and can catch fire if they’re exposed to the flames.

Make it a quiet place for people to come and go When you’re on your balcony, don�ts want to disturb the family who’s there.

Don�t bring your dog, unless it’s an emergency situation.

Also, make your patio a place where children can come and play and enjoy the beautiful view.

Also make sure there’s a way for the children to reach their seats, which can be an important safety feature for children.

Keep the grill well ventilated when you have it on your patio. If there�s a lot of dust, it may spread.

You may need a spray nozzle to remove it, or you can buy a disposable spray nozzle.

Be mindful that the spray nozzle can get sticky, so keep it away from where people are standing and in the shade.

Also keep the nozzle well out of sight of your children and away and away.

Don��t use it in the backyard When it�s time to leave, make a decision.

If at least one of your kids is out of control, you should let them go, but if it�ll be more difficult for them, you need them to be in a safe area and away at least 15 feet from your balcony.

Be careful when putting your kids in the patio or the garage.

Make an arrangement for them when they�re done playing in your patio, garage or any other area that�s open to the public.

Don?t leave them in the car, either.

Leave them in your car at least 30 feet from the vehicle and away so that they can get a drink and sleep.

You can also have them stay in your home while you’re away, but only if you have the time to make arrangements.

Use a fire extinguisher If you use a fire hose, you can be sure it won?t be burning the grill or the patio furniture.

If someone is using the grill, you want the flame to be extinguished quickly so that the flames don�T spread to other parts of your home.

Use water, but remember that it�m best to use water from the sink or a bucket.

Make a plan to go back to the same place when you get home If you want, you could make an emergency plan to return to the balcony when the situation is resolved. The best