By Brian A. Smith | 11:43 a.m.

March 24, 20209:30amMarch 22, 20206:28pmMarch 21, 20204:59pmThe safety net of church balconies is pretty much guaranteed to catch on fire at some point, so it’s worth taking extra precautions to keep it from getting out of hand.

If you’re worried about the church being swept away by the wind, make sure to put up a wall or barrier around the perimeter of the balcony.

If your balcony is located at the back of your home, you might want to put some sort of barrier or canopy over it.

The church balcony will probably start a fire if the sun hits it too hard, so make sure you have a plan for extinguishing the fire before it spreads to the rest of the building.

You can also try to keep the balcony from becoming engulfed by other objects in the way.

The most common form of this is the roof of a home.

The roof will become unstable when the sun is out, and you might need to use an air vent system to contain it.

If the roof is unstable, you can place some sort for the air vent in the middle of your balcony.

The idea is that if the roof starts to get pushed away from you, you’ll be able to quickly extinguish the fire without damaging the roof.

You’ll also have a way to get out of the way when the fire starts if you can.

You might also consider using a fire extinguisher on the balcony to try and keep it contained, or you might just want to leave it as it is and try and contain it yourself.

You can also make sure the balcony is kept away from other buildings and away from a neighbor’s home.