JUANA BAY (CBSLA.com) — The city is cracking down on balcony safety in JUANAS AGRICULTURAL CENTER (JAC), but it’s not just about protecting the neighborhood.

It’s also about protecting a culture.

That’s the message the JAC Community Association is pushing.

The group wants to make sure everyone knows about the dangers of balconies, especially after one balcony fell and killed a 14-year-old girl.

“We want to educate the community, to make them aware of the dangers that balconies pose,” said JAC member Julie Ann Breslin.

Bresline said she has lived in JAC for five years, and the balcony is not the only problem she sees.

There are also problems with noise from people using balconies to relax and go outside.

“They’re very loud,” Breslan said.

“There’s lots of kids playing in there.

People don’t want to go outside.”

The city’s balconies are often covered with plastic, which makes it difficult to clean up after a balcony collapse.

The City Council approved the balcony safety standards in 2017.

Since then, the city has taken measures to make balconies safer, including installing a security camera system and hiring a new security guard.

But residents are worried about how much safety improvements will make a difference.

“People are scared to get out of there, they don’t feel safe, and they’re scared that if they get out that they’ll get hit by something,” Belson said.

For now, residents say they’re not seeing any improvements, and some are concerned the city is only taking steps.

“I think it’s all just going to keep going, and it’s going to be an ongoing issue,” said resident Raul Lopez.

The city has also created a community advisory committee to help guide the city on balconies.

In a statement, the council said the balcony regulations have been adopted with the help of community members and are meant to protect the health of the community.

“The safety of residents is the primary concern of this Committee, which includes representatives from various government agencies, businesses, and individuals,” the council statement said.

In the meantime, Bresli says she’s trying to make her balcony safer by removing the plastic.

“It’s going out of control,” Blesl said.

JAC is working with the city and the state Department of Parks and Recreation to get more balcony safety training and materials.

“This is something that’s been happening for a long time,” Brelins said.

But the JCA says the city needs to do more.

“These balconies don’t really have any protective materials.

It doesn’t really make sense to put these things there,” Breta Bresler said.

The JCA is hoping the city will put together an outreach program with the community to share more information and get them more information on the city’s policies.

“You know what, it’s just a piece of plastic,” Balsin said.

And as for Breslyn, she’s worried about the impact of the balcony.

“Every time I go out there I don’t know what’s going on.

I don.

I feel like it’s something that I’m really afraid of,” Bliclyn said.

If you or someone you know needs help or is concerned about a balcony, call the JLA at 1-866-JCA (1-866.926.3636).