You’ve probably heard that baby sleepers can’t put on their safety blankets.

And there’s some good news: You can still put them on the balcony and safely.

But it’s not an easy task.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns that babies don’t have the strength to move around the edge of a balcony and they are prone to falling.

So if you are unsure about placing your baby’s safety blankets on the edge, we can help.


Check the height and width of the balcony.

The AP recommends a balcony that is 12 feet or more.

The safest way to check the height of a wall or balcony is to place a tape measure over the railing and measure the distance between your feet.

If the height is less than 12 feet, then it’s probably not safe to put the safety blanket on the railing.

But if it is 12 to 18 feet, that’s still OK because it doesn’t matter what height you put it on.

The balcony should be tall enough to support your baby, but not so high that your baby can’t walk down it. 2.

Look at the balcony from above.

Look from the roof of the building, from the balcony or other height you can see.

If you can, look to see if there are any kids hanging off the side or back of the railing, or if there’s a small railing that has gaps on the sides.


If there are no children hanging off of the side of the wall, then put your safety blanket directly on top of the baby’s head.

That will provide extra support and help keep your baby from falling.


Put your safety blankets directly on the side where your baby would normally be lying down, not in front of him.


If your safety layer is too short, put a second layer of safety fabric around your baby.

If that doesn’t work, you can always use a safety belt or harness.


If it’s too short to put your blanket directly over your baby or to secure your baby to the railing or railing edge, then wrap it around the baby to secure him in place.


When placing your safety vest over your safety barrier, make sure to make sure it fits snugly.

If they’re too tight, you may be putting the baby at risk of falling.


If a toddler has a safety blanket hanging from the railing that can be pulled over the baby, then place it over the toddler’s head as well.


If no one is around, put your baby on a harness or harness, with a strap that is tight enough to keep him in a safe position.

The harness or strap should go over your shoulders and the straps should be as long as your baby is tall enough.

It should not be long enough to run up the side.