The family of a man who was killed by a balcony railing after a car crash have launched a $25m plan to improve safety on Ireland’s streets.

The plan is aimed at ensuring people in balcony apartments are able to safely access the balcony if necessary, as well as offering more support to families dealing with grief.

Key points:The family of Anthony Gannon has launched a plan to make balcony children safer, including ensuring balcony children are able for their own safety to access the apartment balconies if neededThe plan includes increased support for family members who have experienced trauma in the balcony child environmentThe plan also includes increased counselling for people who are living with a child in a balcony child accommodation.

The family have already raised the money to develop the plan, which has now been funded by the National Lottery, and have raised over €100,000 from over 400 individuals and businesses.

In his final hours, Mr Gannon, 44, from Longford, Co Dublin, was killed when a car slammed into his apartment balcony in a crash.

He was rushed to hospital where he died two days later.

The family believe that the balcony will have to be changed, as it’s one of the last places they can safely live and work.

The plan is a joint initiative between the Gannon family and the National Foundation for Children’s Safety (NFFS).

They believe that more and more people are finding themselves in situations where their safety is at risk and they want to make sure that their balcony child is in a safe environment to enjoy a peaceful evening or day.

NFFS chief executive officer Jim Flannery said the family’s plan was absolutely essential to ensure that the safety of their child is assured.

“The family would have liked to see this plan funded by NIPS as soon as possible,” he said.

Mr Flannery described the balcony plan as an example of the community working together in order to find a solution that could provide a safe and enjoyable evening for the family.

“The plan outlines a series of measures that will be implemented over time and will help improve the safety and wellbeing of our balcony child residents,” he added.

An NFFS spokesperson said the organisation was committed to ensuring that people in the balconies of apartment buildings were safe and the community was aware of what was going on.