Australia is considering building apartments for people who are physically or mentally disabled, according to new regulations.

The proposed regulations, proposed by the Sydney City Council, will come into force on 1 August, meaning anyone who needs a balcony in their home must have a certificate.

The plan will allow for people to be able to live and work in a home with a balcony for up to five years.

A similar scheme has been put in place in England, which has been successful in making people feel safe in their homes.

However, there are currently no plans to build more than one-bedroom apartments in Sydney.

“We want to see if there are any barriers to building apartments with accessibility for people of any disability,” Mayor Clover Moore told the ABC on Tuesday.

“I’m sure there are, we just need to see the barriers put up, whether it’s in the form of a balcony or whether it is something we are able to do through legislation.”

The council has asked developers to provide information about how to access the roof of the property, including where the balcony would be.

“There’s no specific requirement to be on the balcony,” Moore said.

“We know there are people who need it but we want to get the most out of that.”

It is something that could potentially help people get on the property with the minimum of disruption.

“The move comes amid a growing awareness of the rising number of people living with disabilities, with some states and territories banning their use of public transport.