In India, a reclining chair has been a popular choice for many years.

But the Indian style has now been adopted by many companies as well, like the popular brand Airbnb, where they are also offering a recliner that allows for people to sit upright.

But in an article in Business Standard, Airbnb’s vice president of public policy, Jai Alix Gupta, wrote, “The fact that the chair is a reclined chair, instead of the normal upright position, makes it safer for people.”

So, are reclining chairs safe for people?

According to the Indian Medical Association, the answer is yes.

“A reclining seat is safer for those who are physically healthy,” said Dr. S. K. Singh, president of the association.

“If someone is sitting on a chair that is prone to bending, the chair can also cause the spine to flex and twist.”

So what’s the best way to sit on an upturned chair?

According the AIMS, if it’s upright, sit with your knees bent and the back of your head bent forward, so that the back is straight.

If you’re sitting in a chair with a backrest, use the same principle.

If the chair has a back, do the same.

If there is no backrest in the chair, try a vertical backrest.

If it’s a vertical seat, put your feet flat on the ground.

The article also recommends that people not sit in chairs that have no seatbelt, but only a seatbelt with a safety belt that has a shoulder strap.

“There are many types of seats that have seat belts with a shoulder belt, but no safety belt,” Dr. Singh said.

“So, if a person is going to get injured, they will need to be protected against falling on the floor.”