A baby girl born with a rare condition and a life-saving breathing device has been saved by her parents.

Her parents said the baby girl had a rare disorder in her lungs and that she was too weak to walk.

The parents said she was born in the state of Bihar in October, but the girl had the condition called ‘congenital pulmonary arteriosclerosis’ (CPAs) and was in a state of respiratory distress.

“She had severe difficulty breathing.

She was not able to walk, she was breathing through her mouth.

She could not swallow, she could not talk.

So we had to give her breathing aids,” said her mother, a medical student.

Doctors had to put her in a special oxygen tank and use the child’s oxygen to revive her.

She is now in the care of the government hospital.

Doctors at the hospital told NDTV that the baby has had two life-changing surgeries since birth and now is recovering well.

Doctors said they could not say if the baby had any type of genetic defect but added that the condition was very rare.

“We know that the child is a girl, but there is a lot of hope for her,” said Dr Ramesh Pandey, who treated the child.

The baby was born with the rare condition called CPAs, which is also known as ‘congeno’ and can affect babies of all ages.

Doctors at the Government Hospital in Kolkata said she is now recovering well after undergoing two operations.