In a move that could change the way we live, the city of Atlanta has announced that its citywide dog safety balcony door system will be installed to protect dogs in their homes from fire.

The system will include doors and glass that can be unlocked by pet owners with special credentials.

The doors will be placed in different locations throughout the city, with the majority located in the South End.

There are currently two systems in operation in Atlanta.

One is in the North End, with a dog safety gate that can only be unlocked from the street.

 The other is in downtown Atlanta, where the system is located in a renovated former warehouse.

According to the city’s announcement, this system will allow owners to have “a one-time access to a safety and security system, and a place to store their pets during a fire, to ensure that they are protected during any fire-related evacuation.”

It is not clear how long the city will require pet owners to unlock their balconies before the system can be used.

It also does not appear that the city has any plans to make it mandatory for pet owners.

Currently, pet owners must use a pet door or dog door key for locking their balconys.

The system will feature a combination of doors, keycards, and locks, making it easier for owners to secure their pet.

“In the future, we may expand this system to include additional doors and keycards to provide additional security measures to ensure the safety and protection of our pets,” the city stated.

In a statement, the mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, said: “As a city with more than 40,000 people, we are grateful for the work of the people of Atlanta to provide the safety that dogs and other animals need, as well as the city and region as a whole.

This is a win for the people, and for Atlanta.”

Source: Time | Credit: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution