Safety items are needed for the balcony safety of Malaysia as a country that has the highest incidence of balcony suicides in the world.

Malaysia is one of the few countries that has a national code of conduct for balconies.

However, there are no specific rules regarding the use of these safety items.

There are also safety guidelines on how to use a balcony if you feel it is not safe to do so.

Malay authorities said the use and maintenance of balcony safety equipment is a public health issue.

Malaya is one the countries where the most balcony suicides are recorded.

According to the latest data, a total of 952 deaths were recorded in the country in 2016.

In 2017, a further 988 deaths were reported.

Last month, Malaysia banned the sale of balconies in malls and the use balconies for leisure purposes.

The Government has also asked all hotels and malls in Malaysia to adopt a similar policy.

Malias coronavirus control centre said it had also initiated measures to reduce the number of balconys in hotels and in malls.