As the sun sets and you get ready for your nightcap, how do you decide when you’re safe to ascend your balcony?

The answer depends on your balcony’s safety protocols.

Here are some of the key questions to ask when choosing a balcony safety plan.1.

How do I choose a balcony security plan?

Before you can choose your balcony security plans, you’ll need to look at the specific guidelines in place in Singapore.

Some balcony security strategies have been around for years.

Others, like the Bali Safe balcony safety strategy, are brand new.

For example, the Singaporean company SafetyGuard has been around since 2002 and has become the most popular balcony security strategy in Singapore, with more than 30 million customers.2.

What is the minimum height that I need to get to my balcony?

Bamboo or wood flooring can provide a much safer approach to balcony safety than glass, which is what you’ll find in many balconies.

A minimum height of 5 metres (16 feet) for a balcony can be achieved with a 2 metre (6 feet) gap between the floor and the balcony wall.

For the most part, a balcony is designed for maximum privacy.3.

How much space should I put my balcony at?

In most cases, a minimum of 4 metres (12 feet) between your balcony and the wall is sufficient.

If you need a bit more, you can try the balcony with a 4 metre (12 foot) gap, or you can move the balcony to a different part of the house or building.4.

How will I know if I’ve chosen a balcony that is safe for me?

If you’re concerned about the security of your balcony, check out our balcony safety quiz to find out how you can be sure.5.

What are the different types of balconies available in Singapore?

Barrack-style balconies are the most common style of balcony in Singapore and can be found in most apartment buildings.

These balconies feature wooden floors that offer a more secure approach to your balcony.

You can also find balcony-style balcony options in residential areas, as well as on commercial and corporate rooftops.

If the balcony is on commercial premises, you might also want to check if there’s a commercial or residential balcony option for your property.

In a more affordable setting, balcony-type balconies can also be found on the ground floor of apartments.

The balconies offer an easier way to escape from your balcony than a balcony with an enclosed porch.6.

What if I have a balcony accident?

Are you sure you can afford to buy a balcony insurance policy?

Check out our top balcony safety questions to find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.