Singaporean residents are taking home meals for the first time in decades, thanks to a brand-new safety grill.

The new Singapore balcony guardrail can now be shared with guests of all ages, and the new Singapore restaurant-style grill can also be used as a bar for eating, dining or drinking. 

The new Singapore Restaurant Grill was developed by the Singapore Restaurant Industry Association (SERA), a trade group that represents Singapore restaurants. 

Singapore Restaurant Grill is the first restaurant-sized balcony safety railing to be installed in the city since 2005, and it will be rolled out nationwide over the next two years.

The Singapore Restaurant Association said it was delighted that Singapore has become the first city in Asia to roll out this new safety railing.

“We have seen this in many other Asian cities,” said SERA spokesperson Michael Wong.

“We are really excited to see Singapore become the new global capital for balcony safety.”

The Singapore Restaurant association hopes that the new safety grill will also help Singaporeans avoid the potential risk of falling down the stairs while cooking.

“There are many reasons to use balcony safety,” said Wong.

“The safety of the restaurant’s guests is also of concern.

It’s important that guests are not thrown from the balcony.”

The new balcony guardrails will come with a safety belt, which is designed to help guests stay safe while cooking, as well as a safety grill, which will help keep guests warm during the winter months.

The Singapore restaurant safety group said the new balcony grill is currently available in seven locations, and that they will soon roll out the safety guard rails throughout Singapore.