A Singaporean man was charged with a misdemeanor after allegedly assaulting a security guard at a balcony in the country’s capital.

The Singaporean Foreign Ministry said Monday that 29-year-old Jhui Tan died after he fell down from the balcony of a residential apartment building in Singapore’s central business district late Sunday night.

Singaporean authorities said the incident happened after Tan allegedly assaulted a security guards at a nearby building.

The Foreign Ministry has requested the Singaporean Embassy in New Delhi for help in finding Tan’s family, the ministry said.

Tan was charged Monday with assault, obstruction and criminal damage to property.

The foreign ministry said Tan’s death is being investigated by the Singapore police, but the police department said it is not known if the Singapore Police Force is investigating the case.

The department said the foreign ministry has requested a visit from Singaporean officials to New Delhi to determine what action will be taken.

The embassy has also offered to help the Singapore government investigate the incident.

The violence in Singapore began Sunday night when Tan allegedly confronted the security guard, who then punched him in the face, the foreign office said.

The security guard then ran to the front of the building and tackled Tan, who fell to the ground and then ran from the building, the police said.

A security guard who witnessed the fight then approached the apartment building and confronted Tan, police said, adding that Tan then kicked the security guards back and began to fight with them.

Singapore’s capital has a reputation for violence, with at least 30 people killed in recent years and dozens injured.

Singaporeans are generally well-rested and are well-treated, and the city’s population has steadily increased over the past decade.

However, in recent months, several cases of deadly attacks have erupted, including an attempted murder in August.

Singapore has not had a mass-casualty incident since it declared martial law in July 2015, and there have been no confirmed fatalities from the wave of violence.

The capital of Hong Kong, which has a population of nearly 30 million, has seen several attacks on tourists.