The Singapore government is now preparing to put Singapore’s balcony security in flux.

According to a new report from Bleacherreport, the Government has decided to require all Singaporeans to wear an ankle brace for the first time, following the suicide of a 19-year-old Singaporean woman in October.

The news comes after two young people in Singapore jumped to their deaths last month, leaving behind their families and friends. 

The Straits Times reports that the Government wants to “ensure the safety of Singaporeans in their homes and workplaces,” with the government proposing a law to establish “a safety net for residents who are unable to safely supervise their own activities.”

The Straits Express reported earlier this month that Singapore is facing a “crisis” of “dangerous behaviour,” and that “more and more people are committing suicide.”

A government spokesperson told Bleacher report that the new laws will “protect Singaporeans from suicide,” but added that “no other country in the world has such stringent laws regarding balconies.”

“As per our new laws, it is required to be in a balcony,” said a spokesperson for the Singapore Police Department, who added that the department will “ensur[e] those who are concerned about safety, to ask for their permission to use balconies for the purposes of their own safety.”

Last year, two teenagers in Singapore were killed in an “abusive” incident.

The Strait Times reported that two Singaporeans were killed and two others injured in an incident at a hotel in the central city of Singapore.

Two people have committed suicide after jumping from balconies in Singapore, with one suicide, one self-inflicted wound and a third who suffered a heart attack.