The safety barrier is the highest level of security at Bunning Street Mall in central Sydney.

The barrier is designed to protect shoppers from falls from balconies.

It has been in place since March, and is designed specifically to protect people and property.

“It’s not only designed to make people safe, but to keep them safe,” Mall spokesman Chris McNeill said.

“People who are trying to jump off a balcony into the street are also protected from falling off into the road.”

The barrier will have two layers of security.

First, there will be an outer barrier, which will be constructed from concrete blocks, to stop shoppers from slipping or sliding.

Then, a second layer of security will be erected between the outer barrier and the balcony.

McNeill said the barriers were also intended to prevent people from getting out of the way of a car, tram or other vehicle, as it approaches the barrier.

The barrier measures up to five metres in height, has four sides and a hole in the middle.

When it’s activated, it will prevent shoppers from walking on top of the barrier, and the two layers will be locked together.

This means if a person falls off the balcony, the two sides will be held together and the barrier won’t allow them to get out.

But if a car approaches the junction, the outer layer will not close and the outer section will not lock, meaning the barrier can only be used to stop the car.

Mall’s safety barriers are being tested with a small group of shoppers in the Mall, and shoppers can come down from their balconies to see how they feel.

If the barriers work well, they’ll be tested further, McNeill hopes.

He said it was important to be aware of the safety of your home, and if you need help getting around, visit the nearest emergency service.

Bunnings said its safety barrier has been installed in the mall for about three years.

A mall spokeswoman said people should always check the safety barriers for themselves before leaving a shopping centre.

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