It was one of those things you had to do at least once to understand.

I had a restaurant for nearly a year before deciding it was the right time to leave.

We had been going to some of the best restaurants around town, and I couldn’t wait to see them again.

Then I saw the price.

I couldn, too.

I was so shocked.

I knew I was spending more than my budget would allow, but the restaurant had a lot more to offer than the average diners would.

I wanted to try it.

I didn’t want to be forced to buy the cheapest food I could find in the world.

The only reason I did it was because I needed the money.

The dining room is small.

You have to order a seat and place your order from a table across from you.

There are three chairs, with three tables on each.

The food is served by the table, so you’re not allowed to sit down on the floor.

It’s a small space, and it’s quiet, but it’s so comfortable.

It feels like I’m in a tiny room.

The bar serves cocktails, and you can bring your own.

The decor is minimal, and the decor can change in a heartbeat.

I ordered a gin and tonic and a martini.

My friend ordered a wine and a margarita.

The wine was amazing, but I could see why the bartender didn’t order anything else.

The menu is a bit overwhelming, but you can order anything.

The bartenders are friendly and attentive.

The food is great.

The steak and potatoes are delicious.

The beer and wine are amazing.

The cocktails are great.

I enjoyed the meatloaf and the steak.

The salad was very good.

The wine list was really small, and some of it is from wine festivals in other countries.

I wasn’t sure which wines were good, but when I looked at the list, I couldn.

They all had great taste.

I got a red, white, and brown, and a red and white.

It tasted like an excellent red wine, and that’s exactly what I wanted.

The service is great, too, especially for an outdoor dining room.

There’s an outside patio for seating, and there’s also a big table that has a large TV, a coffee table, and chairs.

There were two servers, and they had a few drinks, so there was plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

The waitresses are great, but there’s not a lot of options for wine or cocktails.

They only have a few small bottles of wine, but that’s because they’re only serving wine.

I ended up with a white and a raspberry, which is perfect for a brunch or lunch.

I could have had an ouzo and a shot of wine as well, but my friend ordered the ouzolero.

The ouziolero is delicious, but we only had one bottle, so I’ll take a shot with that instead.

The staff is friendly, but some are a little hard to get along with.

I have a lot in common with the server, but she was kind enough to let me keep the drink.

I liked the bartender’s accent, but he didn’t sound very American.

I didn’t enjoy the food, but if I was a diner I’d be glad to order it again.

It doesn’t taste like it was made in a fancy restaurant, but its actually quite good.

I’m glad I got the steak and fries, but maybe I should order the steak sandwich instead.