A fan who called the upcoming movie “The Secret Lives of Kids” is calling it “crazy and dangerous” and says it will be “a very dangerous film.”

The film, which stars a young girl who finds herself in a tragic situation, will take place on a balcony of a Manhattan hotel, where a young child is being held captive by a child rapist, according to an announcement from the film’s production company, BAMC.

The movie, which was written and directed by James Wan, is set to open in theaters nationwide on October 23.BAMC said in a statement that the film “reveals the hidden and complex dynamics of child sexual abuse and neglect and their effect on the minds of children.

It explores how the media and the mainstream press have portrayed children in a way that does not reflect the truth about these problems.

It exposes the powerful power of the media to shape and shape public perceptions and to manipulate our children.”

The announcement came just days after the film was released in the United States, where it was met with protests by those calling for a ban on all toys featuring violent, graphic images of children and violent imagery of children, and a boycott by many major retailers.

The director, Wan, said he is currently writing a sequel that will feature “an entirely different and different approach to the topic of child abuse and child neglect,” and he said he would like to “change the culture of the entertainment industry to be more sensitive to the needs of children.”

“We have a lot of people saying we have to stop making these movies and we can’t be critical of these films,” Wan said.

“But I think we have an opportunity to change the culture.”

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