The city of Melbourne has adopted an “emergency balcony” policy to ensure residents are able to safely navigate the city’s streets.

In the city of Sydney, balconies are only allowed on public transport platforms and public areas.

In New South Wales, balconys are allowed on private property only and must be located in a location where there is a “high risk of an occupant entering or exiting”.

But the ABC has learned the state of New South Australia does not have an emergency balcony policy, meaning it may not be the safest option for residents.

The ABC understands that Melbourne’s balconies could have a major impact on how many people can safely walk across the city.

In Melbourne, balconists must have safety harnesses attached to their belts and are required to wear wrist and elbow straps when moving around.

In Sydney, they are allowed to wear only wrist and knee straps, but must use a wrist harness when moving through areas where people are sitting or walking.

In Victoria, balcony rules vary from state to state.

In NSW, balcony safety rules are:Balcony Safety Rules are a list of recommendations that are meant to help people understand the regulations and keep them safe.

They are not specific to Melbourne, but are aimed at all Melbourne CBDs, which have balconies.

They are designed to make people feel safer, so they’re designed to protect the public.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Melbourne City Council said:The council understands the concerns of residents, particularly in Melbourne CBD, but has adopted these recommendations to ensure that all residents are well informed and able to walk safely.

She said: “We are taking this step to ensure all Melbourne residents are adequately informed of the rules and regulations that will apply to them.”

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