Malaysia is the world’s fourth most populous country and a popular destination for holidaymakers and visitors.

The country is also the home to the world-famous Singaporean island of Koh Tao and the world famous Luxor Temple.

As well as the two islands, there are several popular beaches in the country.

Malaysia is also home to some of the most famous tourist sites in the world, including the World’s Famous Buddha Gardens, Grand Canyon and the iconic Siam Gate.

It is also known for its rich history.

In addition to its beaches, Kuala Lumpur hosts several temples and historic sites, including The Great Mosque of Selangor, the Great Mosque, and The Temple of the Four Winds.

The city’s famous Opera House has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989.

In terms of safety, balconies are allowed in Malaysia but only for people with special needs.

In Singapore, the country’s most populous city, there is a new law that states that balcony safety is mandatory for people over the age of 12.

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, there has been no deaths related to balcony safety in the last 20 years.

There is also a ban on balconies for those under the age, but the Ministry of Health says that it is only a precautionary measure.

In Malaysia, balcony safety rules are stricter than in Singapore.

The new law states that if you’re not able to stand up when it is time to go, you should leave the balcony.

However, the law only applies to people under the 12-years-old age limit.

For those over the 12, you can go up to the balcony if it is safe, but you must be accompanied by a guardian or at least a person over the same age.

For a balcony that is in a high-rise, you have to be in a wheelchair and have a guardian on standby.

If you’re a person with an impairment, you may not be able to leave the balconies.

There are also other rules, such as no balconies above 30 metres, no one under the 14-year-old limit and no one who has an impaired mobility.

If a balcony has a window or is made of concrete, it is not allowed to be opened for anyone under the 18-year age limit and people who are below that age can only go up.

However you want to use the balcony, it must be clearly marked and you can’t open the balcony in front of a crowd of people.

Malaysia has also introduced rules for balconies that are less than 20 metres high.

They require that the balconys have windows that are wide enough to allow people to sit on and no balcony with a gap of more than 15 metres.

The rules also state that balconies with a roof must be open at all times, and balconies made of glass or metal must be covered with a curtain or a barrier that covers the edge of the balcony and not the roof.

The laws were introduced in April 2017, according to Malaysia’s Ministry for Civil Aviation.

Singapore’s new balcony safety law also states that balconys must be closed during peak hours for safety reasons, such a if there is an emergency.

Malaysia’s new laws have been welcomed by many Singaporeans.

The Singaporean Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that it welcomed the new rules and they would provide a more positive environment for Singaporean companies.

“We look forward to further encouraging our businesses and individuals to take advantage of our newly-introduced regulations, which will ensure that our companies and individuals have an environment that is safer and more conducive to doing business,” the Singapore Chamber said in a statement.

Malaysia also has a ban in place for balcony safety violations.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said that in order to prevent injuries, people must wear masks and wear closed-circuit television or radio and stay at least 20 metres away from balconies or any balcony where there is noise.

The ministry said that there are three other measures that the Ministry has introduced that will allow balconies to be closed.

These measures are the use of a balcony curtain and the use or removal of a curtain.

These are the three measures that are being introduced to protect balconies from balcony safety hazards.

Malaysia does not have any balcony safety guidelines, but its citizens should consider the above safety precautions and use them in their everyday lives, the ministry said.