The balcony safety measures in Malaysia have been a topic of debate, with many concerned about the health risks of people falling off the balconies and into the water, or getting into a fight.

Malaysia has seen several fatal falls on balconies in recent years, and many believe the country is going through a major safety crisis.

This is because, as the country has become increasingly overcrowded, the amount of people living in the capital has become too high to accommodate the growing population.

Malayia has over the years introduced strict safety measures for its balconies, such as having metal poles to prevent falling people and installing a special barrier to keep people safe.

However, the measures have not always been as successful as hoped.

This month, a woman was killed and several others injured after a woman jumped off a balcony in the southern city of Kelantan, according to a local newspaper.

The woman, who was believed to be in her early 20s, was rushed to the hospital, but died from her injuries the following day.

The woman, identified as Fotis, had been visiting a friend on the balcony, when she jumped off, according the Kelantans Daily News.

She was also reportedly planning to jump off the balcony in her friend’s house when she was unable to do so.

Malayan news outlet The Star reported that the woman’s friend had been planning to join her to the balcony at around 6pm, when the incident occurred.

The girl who died has been named as Ferozia Sibodu.

Malcolm Lee, an environmentalist and blogger, told TechCrunch that the balcony safety policies were not enough.

“The problem is that there are so many people who jump off balconies.

There’s also a fear of the water,” he said.”

In Kelantancheri, people jump off balcony all the time, but in other cities it’s just the opposite.

There are so few people jumping off balconys, it’s not as risky.”

Malaysian government officials have since issued a statement on the matter, saying the balcony was “not suitable” for people to jump into.

“We want to ensure that our balconies are safe, we have a safety plan, and we have also developed policies to deal with situations such as the incident at Kelantanchi,” the statement said.