The balcony safety equipment you need is getting better.

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAF) has just published a report titled Building and Structural Safety in New York City’s Bali Pavilion.

The study shows that in the past three years, the average age of the building’s balcony equipment has decreased by seven years.

The report found that this reduction is due in large part to the construction of new balcony safety features.

The new balconies are also much safer, with the number of fatalities from falling from them dropping from 25% to 7% of all balcony fatalities.

But the report also found that balcony safety is not enough to address all of the balconies that are being built in New Yorkers neighborhoods.

The IAF report suggests that the balcony safety measures recommended by the City Council and the Building Standards Board should be expanded to include a range of safety features including sprinkler systems, electrical outlets, and security cameras.

The recommendations to increase the number and types of balconies in New Yorks neighborhoods are also good news, as we have seen the installation of more and more balcony systems and security measures in recent years.

It is good news that there are better ways to protect yourself in a crowded public space.

The best place to watch TV is in a public balcony.

The video game consoles that are common in public areas are also not safe, because they are not being used to provide a safe platform for games, and they can cause damage to other people who play.

The problem with public balconies is that they can be a very public place, and it is easy to get caught in the crossfire.

There are many different balconies around the city, and many of them are designed to serve different functions.

Some balconies have electrical outlets and security lights, but the rest have no such devices.

In the future, the IAF suggests that balconies should be equipped with more than one type of safety feature.

For example, the balconys should be designed so that they have an exit, so that people can exit if they are having a bad time.

Other balconies could also have a door that is designed to open or close, so people can enter and exit, or be connected to the Internet.

The good news is that balcony design is a big part of New York’s urban design.

A balcony could be designed to be a space for people to get out of their apartments, to have a place to meet, or to hang out.

This can be especially effective when the balcony is large and the balconier is narrow, as these are the areas where people are most likely to get into trouble.

Some of the best balconies will have windows, so they can provide a much more attractive space than just a window.

For these areas, a balcony can also be a place where people can meet and socialize, rather than just sitting in a corner of a public space with other people.

It also is important to note that balconys that have more than two doors can have a “fire door” in them that allows people to leave the area and go to a different area.

The Fire Department has been recommending balconies with fire doors for a number of years.

If the balcony has a fire door, it should be on a level with a fire alarm, which should be at least 10 feet (3 meters) above the ground.

In order to have fire doors on balconies, they should have sprinkler units installed, and the balcony must be kept dry.

This will also help prevent people from getting into balconies by jumping over the balconie, which is a common occurrence in balconies.

It may be helpful to include sprinkler equipment in balconys where the fire is set, as it can be very difficult to get sprinklers to work on balconys without the use of a fire extinguisher.

In addition to being able to have sprinklers in the balconied areas, the balcony should have cameras installed.

A number of the public balconys in New york are now equipped with video cameras that record video of the area around the balconia.

The cameras will also be used to track people walking down the balconice and to give residents more information about the safety of the balcony.

Some New York city buildings have balconies designed specifically for people who are overweight, or people who smoke.

These balconies can also have balconys with a sliding glass door, which allows people who walk down the balcony to leave.

These buildings also need to be protected from the elements.

Some people may be able to get trapped in a balcony if they fall from the balconis and get hit by a car.

In such situations, it is important that the building design includes fire barriers that can keep people from falling into the balconises.

In some cities, the building is designed so people don’t have to climb over the balcony, as this is usually where the most serious problems occur.

In other cases, balconies may have an electric outlet installed.

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