A cruise ship passenger has come up with an ingenious way to ensure you’re always safe on the ship.

The idea is to use a security guard to monitor you during your cruise.

The cruise ship is staffed with security guards who have a personal CCTV system to monitor passengers.

The security guard is in a wheelchair, but can use his or her arms and legs to scan passengers in and out of the vessel.

The idea is simple, but there’s one problem: there are no security guards on cruise ships.

The cruiseship is a part of Carnival Corporation, a subsidiary of Carnival International.

The company says that cruise ships are “a unique platform for human interaction” and the cruiseships “is committed to creating an environment where people feel safe and respected and have a safe and positive experience aboard the ship.”

The company has partnered with the cruise ship company to create an innovative, wearable security system that monitors the onboard security cameras, according to a statement from the company.

The security guard has to wear a device that is fitted to the arm and is attached to the security camera.

The device is supposed to monitor the cruise security cameras and record the footage.

The cruise ship security guard also wears a helmet that has a camera embedded into it.

Carnival has also partnered with a company called OVOS to create a device with a video camera embedded in it.

The device monitors the security cameras.

Carnival says the security guard can be worn for up to seven days.

The footage from the cameras will be shared with cruise ship crew members.