In a Dubai hotel, security guards were monitoring the balconies of a room, monitoring the perimeter.

There were cameras everywhere and people were instructed to wear face masks.

It was an unusual setting, but one that was essential for keeping people safe.

“Security measures are important,” said one security guard.

“We need to have a minimum of 10 per cent security presence and we need to be prepared for everything.

Security is the first thing we need.”

Security measures included the installation of a net on each balcony, which is made of metal mesh and is anchored by a wire.

It is a simple and cheap solution.

It also has a simple mechanism to ensure that people are not accidentally stepping into the net when they step out.

“We are not really thinking about safety.

We are thinking about the hotel’s revenue,” said Mohamed Al Fathi, who works as a security guard in the Dubai Royal Hotel.

The security guard was not aware of the rules about using security nets.

He said they were not designed for everyday use, but could be used when needed.

Security nets are not just for security.

There are also people working as security guards.

They are employed to provide the hotel with an extra layer of security.

Security guards also monitor the hotel lobby and take note of the people coming and going.

“It’s not like a regular security guard,” said Al Fathi.

“They take notice of every person, and they ask people if they need a ride home.”

Security guards work at all levels of the hotel chain.

Some of the security guards have worked at Dubai Airport for many years.

They also run the Dubai Tourism Board.

The hotel chain has been operating under the strict security regulations since 2003.

The Dubai authorities set up an anti-terrorism centre in Dubai in 2016, which was closed after an attack in the city on April 26, 2018.

The UAE government said in 2017 that it would close the Dubai Police Department after a series of violent crimes including one that killed 17 people, including five security guards and three police officers.

In December 2017, the Dubai government announced the establishment of a national security force to manage the security in the capital, but it did not include a separate police force in the new force.