When you’re up in the air and your lungs are already saturated, there is no need to think how you’re planning to move out of bed the next morning.

But there is a certain point where the air becomes saturated and you can’t breathe.

At this point, you need to know how to take control of your situation and take action to keep yourself safe.1.

Get a good night’s restBefore you get up in bed, take a deep breath, and get some sleep.

Your lungs are very fragile and will need a good amount of oxygen.

Make sure you’ve got enough sleep to be able to sleep for several hours.

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be up all night.

If your body isn’t in the best shape, you’re probably not going to be fully rested.

So getting some sleep is a good idea.2.

Set an alarmIf you have a phone, set an alarm.

Set a timer, and leave it up all day long.

You can set a timer for just 30 minutes, or a few hours.

This can be particularly helpful if you’re in a rush.3.

Drink plenty of waterIf you’re getting up early in the morning, there will be some pressure on your lungs.

You may want to drink a few glasses of water to ease the pressure and to clear your airways.4.

Use a portable air mattress or air mattress padIf you are using a portable mattress, make sure you get it as long as possible.

If it’s not as long and as comfortable as you’d like, you might be better off leaving it in your room.5.

Use an emergency phoneIf you see a red light, call 911.

If someone is in danger, call the police.6.

Avoid drivingWhen you’re driving, be aware of the surroundings and make sure that you have all the tools in your vehicle.

If something is going on, make yourself and the vehicle available to the emergency services.

If there is an emergency, you should make yourself available and move to safety as soon as possible to avoid injury or death.7.

Take time to read a book or newspaperIf you need a little extra motivation, read a short story or an article.

Read it while still standing up and in the shade.8.

Watch a movie if you canRemember that there is nothing more rewarding than watching a good movie.

The movies will make you feel better, and they’ll keep you going for a while.

If the lights are out and you have to sit and read a magazine, go for it.9.

Have a snackIf you feel like you need something, have a snack.

Some snacks will help you relax, such as peanut butter and jelly.

Other snacks will provide energy for you and your body, like a snack of fruits and vegetables.10.

Don’t eat aloneWhen you feel stressed, it’s important to remember that people are around and you are not alone.

Make yourself as comfortable in the same room as the person you’re stressing out about as you are in the other room.11.

Practice mindfulness and meditationIf you think that your breathing is too shallow or shallow, try sitting in a different position and practicing mindfulness.

Don’s breathing is shallow, but he does notice when he’s getting stressed.

When he is not feeling stressed, he relaxes, and his breathing becomes deeper.

This will keep him relaxed and also help you stay in the present moment.

It will also help keep you feeling calm.