After the Miami Heat’s Game 4 loss to the San Antonio Spurs, the team’s Twitter account posted an image of its head coach Mike Woodson and general manager Darnell Mayhew on the bench.

“This is the NBA.

If a team has a head coach who is suspended for life, we’re going to be a team that is on the same page with the league,” Woodson said.

“I will say this, I do not think it is fair to put our players in that situation.”

The next morning, Mayhew and Woodson both tweeted a message to their fans, “We love you.”

That night, the Miami Herald reported that the team had suspended Woodson for a second time, after a second violation of team rules.

In the team-friendly, one-game suspension, Woodson had already missed the playoffs for the first time in his six seasons as a head basketball coach.

A source told the Miami News that Woodson was “fuming” after his second suspension.

He then apologized to fans and players.

The NBA suspended Woodsson for his third violation of its rules for the team in March 2016.

After Woodson’s third suspension, the Heat finished with the worst record in the NBA and were the lowest-scoring team in the league.

“You don’t win titles without a good head coach,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said at the time.

“We had an excellent head coach, but it wasn’t a perfect head coach.

We have some players who have great character.

But it was never a perfect program.

And it wasn, we’ve had great coaches.”

Woodson, who was fired in October 2017, will be one of the few head coaches to have his suspension overturned by the league, according to the Associated Press.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated in June 2018, Woodsons son, Aaron, said his father had been “extremely upset” after the suspension was announced, but Woodson has since apologized to the Heat.

Woodson went on to say that his “self-preservation” had kept him “open” during his suspension, and he said he would take the opportunity to return to coaching in the future.

Woodsordons second suspension in two years came after he was let go by the San Francisco Warriors after a series of poor performances in 2016-17.

“It’s a little bit of a different situation, because the suspension has come after he has had a great year and done an outstanding job for us,” Woodsion said in a recent interview with Bleacher report.

“My kids and I have been together for a long time, so I am going to do everything I can to make sure they are in good hands, and I’ll do everything to make that happen.”

The Miami Heat are expected to be without Dwyane Wade, Norris Cole, and Josh McRoberts when they play the Washington Wizards on Sunday night.